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The work of the EXPO-2017 facilities will be provided by “smart technologies”

by May 24, 2017 Key Issues

The organizers of EXPO-2017 set a goal not only to demonstrate new achievements in the field of renewable energy sources as exhibition exhibits, but also to show the application of modern technologies at engineering facilities.

One of such projects is the Smart Grid system, which unites 50 substations in a single network with a control center, which will reduce the time for eliminating accidents, automatically redistribute the load, and reduce network losses when transporting electricity to 30%. In the long term, the project will be used at Astana’s power facilities.

Another innovative project – “Intelligent lighting” – consists of 1200 lighting poles with LED lights, with automatic brightness control.

The technology of “Smart building” will be used in the pavilions and office of the EXPO-2017, the essence of which is automatic regulation of ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, depending on the number of visitors and time of day.

The services of “Smart parking” with the use of technology accounting the number of cars that entered and left will be offered for motorists. This will allow the guests of the exhibition to book seats in advance, to see which parking space is available.

Vladimir Sobolev emphasized that after the completion of the EXPO-2017, separate technological projects will be transferred to the balance of Astana. The organizers are sure that the objects of the exhibition complex will become an illustrative example of the use of renewable energy sources, energy saving technologies and will serve as an impetus for the development of these areas in the country.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan