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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

The upcoming universal declaration of income and property the whole truth about the new tax deductions


In connection with the upcoming general declaration of income and property by citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the Kazakhstan model of universal declaration new tax deductions are provided, the reports.

First of all, this is a tax deduction for large families, and the deduction can be applied by either of the parents and both together these are 282 MCI, or 712 thousand tenge per year for both, explained the ViceMinister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan conference in the CCS.

According to him, an important deduction is the cost of medical services, and not only to pay for his treatment, but to treat children this is 118 MCI, or 298 thousand tenge per year. In addition, a deduction will be provided for the costs of their education, children’s education and the cost of housing mortgages 118 MCI, or 298 thousand tenge per year.

At the first stage, the declaration will be handed over by civil servants, their spouses and persons equated to them. The remaining categories of citizens will be covered by declaring at subsequent stages within 5 years, said the ViceMinister of Finance.

On the composition of the information Ruslan Yensebayev noted the required fields. This is primarily property, land, transport, apartments, share in housing construction, money in bank accounts, cash within 5,880 monthly calculation indicators, accounts receivable and payable.

In addition, there are fields that are optional. They are needed and, according to Ruslan Yensebayev, first of all, they have value for the declarant himself. These are precious assets if available, in case of exceeding the price per unit 5880 multiple MCI, biological assets if you have a veterinary passport, cultural property and other assets. By the way, this item caused a lot of censure. Other assets, as explained by the vice minister, are valuable assets that can be sold for a high price. And these are not the little things in the form of spoons and knives, which are written about in the media, said Ruslan Ensebayev.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan