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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

The theme of the USA pavilion at EXPO-2017 – “The Source of Infinite Energy”


Students from the pavilion who came from America will help the guests. 40 young people speak several foreign languages, including Russian and Kazakh, and they study specialties related to energy, economics and diplomacy.

“Our ambassador students will be able to represent America at EXPO-2017 best”, George Krol noted.

The pavilion is divided into three zones: “Energy Space”, “Energy of Life” and the post-show zone. In the first one, a film reflecting the American spirit of innovation and creativity, and demonstrating the most daring ideas and developments of tomorrow will be presented. In the second, there is a colorful show, corresponding to the theme of the pavilion – “The Source of Infinite Energy.” In the post-show zone, visitors will be told about the cooperation of the United States and Kazakhstan, which is dynamically developing.

George Krol also said that leading American experts in the field of energy, engineering and programming would visit Astana in order to share their experience with Kazakhstani colleagues.

“We believe that the source of infinite energy is people, innovations and creativity. All this we will demonstrate on the screens of the US pavilion. EXPO is the place where US companies can interest investors in the energy sector”, he concluded.

Guests will find a rich cultural program with music, dances, theatrical productions, master classes, and a team of American cowboys will take part in the Kazakh national game kokpar, which will be held within the framework of EXPO-2017.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan