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by October 10, 2019 Legal

In order to address the problems of various social groups in the country, the government has begun implementing new approaches. Particular attention is paid to the problem of mothers with many children and people with disabilities. We knew the opinion of Murat Abdymomunov, the chairman of the Public Association of Disabled Youth, about the benefits of the Government.

“Today, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection has been implementing a number of tasks to address the problems of various social groups, such as the transfer of TSAs only yesterday, despite the fact that all mothers with many children have the opportunity to receive the help, namely 4 mothers with children – 42 thousand 500, 53 thousand 125 children with 5 children, mothers with 6 children – 63 thousand 750 children, 7 children – 73 thousand 375 tenge, “Murat Abdymomunov said.

He also noted that such measures are being taken to prevent the repetition of the existing lawlessness.

“Previously, many families have concealed their income and many lawlessness has left the need for helpless people, and due to a significant financial flood, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection has changed the order of targeted social assistance and introduced new methods” , he said.

At the same time, Murat Abdymomunov noted that the Ministry will allocate social benefits for social assistance.

“Preschool children are provided with food, hygienic and educational services, and free school meals are provided for schoolchildren, and everyday school remittances are free, and school uniforms and training aids are also provided at the expense of the state. Besides, mothers with many children will be provided with winter fuel, wood and coal by the oblast and district administrations, “he said.

Also, the chairman of the Public Association of the Association of Disabled Youth noted the work done to improve the social conditions of people with disabilities.

“In his address, the President of Kazakhstan, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev, emphasized that the need for children with special care needs to be given equal opportunities, and the state takes all the expenses for solving many of them, such as specialized educational institutions – free education colleges In addition, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection is considering what kind of training courses and training courses will be provided, as well as those who have been relieved of the debt burden families with disabilities, families with disabled children, disabled people of 1,2,3 and other socially vulnerable groups. ”

According to him, citizens have the opportunity to find out whether they are in this list from the public service centers. And it is time to show how effective the benefits are.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050