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The state budget income increased this year

by December 20, 2016 Market

According to him, the state budget revenues (without transfers) received a total of 5.8 trillion tenge. The amount of over-fulfillment on the state budget amounted to 396 billion tenge, the republican – 255 billion tenge and local – 141 billion tenge.

“The increase in revenues of the state budget is observed for 11 months, by 31.8% over the same period last year, republican – by 41.1%, and local – by 13.6%,” B. Sultanov said.

In general, the state budget revenues are fulfilled at 107.3%, republican – by 106.6%, and local – to 109.1%.

According to the Speaker, it is expected to significantly over-fulfillment of tax revenues – about 250-300 billion tenge at the end of the year.

“This will allow us to attract the guaranteed transfer from the National Fund,” summed up the head of Ministry of Finance.

State budget expenditures increased by 20%, reaching almost 9 trillion tenge. The pace of development is better than last year. In general, the state budget expenditure was fulfilled at 97%, republican budget – by 98.2%, and local budgets – by 96.6%. According to the results of the year, the Republican Budget is expected to be around 98.6%.

Source: Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan