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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

The results of 2018 in the auto industry: in Kazakhstan, 32.3 thousand vehicles were produced in the amount of 206 billion tenge

by January 21, 2019 Health

According to the results of the reporting period, 32,298 vehicles (including cars, trucks, bus vehicles, special vehicles and trailers) with a total value of KZT 206 billion were produced in Kazakhstan. Volumes of output in physical terms exceeded last year’s figure by 64.9%.

Production of passenger cars increased by 78.8%, reaching a value of 30,016 units. Of these, 18 250 units. (60.8%) accounted for the share of AZIA AVTO JSC, and 11,766 units. (39.2%) was issued by SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP.

The output of bus equipment (356 units) by the end of 2018 decreased by 1.8 times. The production of trucks (1173 units) and specialized vehicles (243 units) also decreased by 28.3% and 7.3%, respectively. The production of trailers increased from 250 to 510 units.

According to the results of December 2018, 3,089 vehicles left the conveyors of Kazakhstan enterprises, which is 19.5% more than the result of 2017 (2,584 units).

Since the beginning of the year, sales of domestic automobile plants reached 29,931 units, which is 57.5% higher than last year’s value (19,007 units).

The market share of Kazavtoprom enterprises increased to 49.1% against 37.4% in the same period last year. In December, this figure reached 56.3%, which was the best result in the history of the industry.

Kazakhstan auto industry continues its steady growth over the two-year period. In 2018, output was increased by two thirds and came close to the pre-crisis 2014 figures. Even more eloquent evidence of sectoral dynamics was a record market share of domestic automakers, in December exceeding the mark of 56%. More than half of the buyers of new passenger cars in the final of last year chose one of the models of Kazakhstani car plants. The contribution of industry enterprises to the country’s GDP reached 206 billion tenge. We expect that in 2019, the growing market demand and the possibilities of the program of preferential auto loans will allow us to update the historical maximum of the production indicators and overcome the 40 thousand cars that came off the conveyors of Kazakhstani enterprises ,

Expenditures of residents of the republic for the purchase of locally produced cars amounted to 182.5 billion tenge – 71% higher than a year ago.

The dominant position in the segment of local assembly cars is occupied by AZIA AVTO JSC – 17,132 vehicles sold, or 57.2% of the total sales of domestic equipment. SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP sold 11,221 units (share in the segment – 37.5%). Further, in the sales ranking of domestic automakers, KAMAZ-Engineering JSC (587 units; 2%), SemAZ LLP (584 units; 2%), Hyundai Trans Auto LLP (252 units; 0.8 %) and Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP (155 units; 0.5%).

The top five most popular brands of passenger cars of Kazakhstan assembly in 2018 were Lada (13,146 units), Hyundai (8,433 units), KIA (2,635 units), JAC (1,125 units) and Chevrolet (1,082 units) The list of brands offered by domestic enterprises also includes Skoda (835 units), Ravon (552 units), Peugeot (149 units) and SsangYong (16 units).

The sales rating of locally produced passenger cars was headed by Lada 4×4 (3,468 units), Lada Granta (3,428 units) and Lada Vesta (2,955 units). The list of models popular with Kazakhstan was also completed by Hyundai Tucson (2,692 units), Lada Largus (2,020 units), Hyundai Elantra (1,985 units), Hyundai Accent (1,917 units), Hyundai Creta (1,581 units). ), KIA Sportage (903 units) and Lada XRAY (856 units).

During January-December 2018, 3,252 cars were acquired by participants in the state program of preferential auto loans. They accounted for 10.9% of local car sales.

By the end of 2018, Kazakhstanis delivered 27,180 units of equipment for recycling. In the second phase of the VETS recycling program, 13,699 discount certificates were issued for the purchase of new vehicles. In total, the car showrooms of the country used 12,964 certificates, for which Kazakhstanis acquired 7,874 vehicles of domestic production.

The contribution of industry enterprises to the GDP structure of the republic in 2018 amounted to 206 billion tenge (+ 40.4% compared to a year ago). Investments of automobile industry enterprises in fixed assets during the reporting period reached 3.2 billion tenge.

Kazakhstani enterprises engaged in sales and production of motor vehicles provided tax revenues to the budget of the republic in the amount of KZT 54.9 billion, which is 23.4% higher than the value of 2017.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan