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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

The re-issue of EDS will remind SMS alert

by February 18, 2019 Health

When citizens will be able to receive EDS without visiting the PSC

This question has been discussed more than once everywhere and on Facebook’s fields as well. Nevertheless, it’s very important to identify a citizen. The question is about security, which we are responsible for. Of course, I would like to simplify receiving digital signature online for honest citizens, but we understand that we are responsible for your safety, because there are unscrupulous people. Therefore, one visit to the PSC is nevertheless necessary in order to verify that it is really you have applied through the EGOV. It is necessary to verify that in the future you will use it and this your responsibility is further. Therefore, the issue of simplifying the receipt of an EDS is always being worked out. This year we will offer several alternatives to simplify the receipt and use of EDS, but to go to the PSC once and still need to be identified. , Who has received an EDS can extend the validity of their EDS without coming to the PSC. For this, we have worked on the issue of SMS alerts. If your phone is in the base of mobile citizens, then you will receive an SMS warning of re-issuance of EDS, Asset Turysov, chairman of the board of National Information Technologies JSC, told a press conference in the CCS.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC NIT D?ulet Bekmanov, in turn, noted that the EDS is valid from one to three years.

We have increased the duration of the EDS, now it is valid from one to three years. At the present time it is possible, without visiting the PSC, to renew on the site. For example, today is the 20th day, my EDS is ending, I can go to the site and extend it for another 3 years, he explained.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan