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Official Baku intends to increase the volume of gas exports to Europe to 20 bcm by 2027, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said. ‘In 2021, Azerbaijani natural gas supplies to Europe amounted to 8 bcm, this year this figure will be 12 bcm, and by 2027, I think, 20 bcm. This is the minimum,’ Aliyev said on Monday at the Azerbaijani-Lithuanian business forum in Vilnius. Aliyev also announced, “very soon an important gas production at one of the large fields of the Caspian Sea.’ According to the Turan agency, the talk is about the beginning of the development of the First Phase of the Absheron Caspian field in the second half of this year. The French oil and gas giant ‘TotalEnergies’ discovered this field in August 2011 and in fact it took her 12 years to get the first gas. ‘Azerbaijan, as a reliable supplier to Europe, exports oil, natural gas, and electricity today. We plan to export hydrogen, including “green” hydrogen, and all this is part of the overall strategic framework of our cooperation with the European Union, and we are grateful to our Lithuanian friends and partners for the constant support of Azerbaijan’s efforts and the efforts of the European Commission aimed at rapprochement,” the head of state said. In addition, Aliyev said that the favorable investment environment of Azerbaijan allows to diversify the economy in the future, which, in turn, will reduce dependence on the energy sector. ‘I think we will be able to significantly diversify our economy and reduce dependence on the energy sector. Although it will continue to play an important role for the energy security of Azerbaijan and Europe,’ Aliyev stressed.

Source: Turan News Agency

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