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The President has identified 7 challenges to fight corruption


A meeting on anticorruption was held under the chairmanship of the President of Kazakhstan, KassymZhomart Tokayev, Akorda’s press service reports.

The head of state expressed concern about the corruption in our country and said that it was a serious public health problem.

“Every year in Kazakhstan, there are over 2,000 crimes against corruption. More than a thousand people are held accountable. It is a swollen anesthetic. If we do not immediately cure this disease, it may be too late tomorrow, “the President of Kazakhstan said.

KassymZhomart Tokayev said that corruption would undermine national security and the future of the state. Therefore, it is necessary to break the roots and completely eliminate it. He called for a fight with one hand and one side by side with the disease. He noted that he had everything needed in the country.

” First of all , we have strong state institutions that can be a weapon in the fight against corruption. The state apparatus must change its way of working and prevent corruption. Secondly, the fight against corruption has a strong demand among the population. The administration conducts questionnaires, and I myself go through the country. And then I notice that our society is ready to fight corruption without compromise. Thirdly, our plans for the development of the country and improving people’s wellbeing will only be done in the event of a complete eradication of corruption, “KassymJomart Tokayev said.

Over the past three years, the Head of State said that more than 900 people have been detained in corruption cases and such events will be an obstacle to the quality of government programs.

“We allocate huge funds from the budget to modernize the economy, implement largescale social programs. However, due to corruption, government programs are poorly implemented. This indicates that the issues of social protection of population, drinking water issues are not solved. Poor local roads and business development hinder the problems caused by corruption. Citizens should make sure that each budget item is targeted, “the President of Kazakhstan said.

KassymZhomart Tokayev noted seven key measures of the anticorruption plan of the authorities.

“The first is the protection of the rights of citizens. I guided by the Constitution that all citizens are equal, regardless of nationality, religion or property. Nobody is lawful at all. In the case of subordinate personnel involvement in corruption, both the central and the regional administrations are directly responsible. Therefore, we need to take comprehensive measures, “the Head of State said.

KassymJomart Tokayev noted the constructive partnership between the state and civil society institutions as the second one and said that there are few efforts to combat corruption.

“There is absolutely intolerance to corruption in the society. All state bodies should work in this direction. I charge the Ministry of Justice to strengthen efforts to raise public awareness about corruption. The Ministry of Education and Science should also encourage children to adopt early childhood anticorruption culture, “the President of Kazakhstan said.

Third strengthening public control.

“It is necessary to ensure fairness of government decisions on the basis of active participation of parliament, public and nongovernmental organizations, mass media. All issues such as granting land plots and taking queues from the kindergarten should be based on public control. We have legal mechanisms for such work. Public councils function in each public body. However, in practice, their work is inadequate. There is a need to radically change approaches to work with civil society. The work of the state apparatus should be directed to the needs of the citizens, “the Head of State said.

The fourth measure transparency of fiscal policy.

“The stages of the budget process, ie, everything from the creation to the implementation should be open. There are a lot of examples of civilian goods being imported and buildings being built. It is necessary to abandon unprofitable “image” projects and programs. Officers who are dignified and extravagant should be severely punished. If the money is not spent inefficiently, the offense will be severe, if the offense is allowed. Organizations and national companies under state bodies should also be transparent and transparent under public control, “said KassymZhomart Tokayev.

The President of Kazakhstan emphasized the need to strengthen the role of regions in anticorruption policies.

“I want to say to the governors that the elimination of corruption is one of the main indicators of your work. You are directly responsible for it. It is necessary to complete the construction of the fourthlevel budget according to its budget. My position as President is to budget expenditures, especially in the regions. The economy of the country will grow, and the welfare of the population will increase, “the Head of State said.

Sixth is the progressive digitalization of public services.

“The state apparatus needs to be adapted to customer service. The only way to eliminate domestic corruption is to ease public service delivery in electronic form. There are some unresolved issues here. Today, only 33% of the database is integrated. The Ministry of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industries must complete this work in a qualitative and timely manner. As part of the development of the egovernment, our priority is the development of mass media training for the citizens to receive mobile services in the mobile version, “KassymZhomart Tokayevsaid .

The seventh task is to improve public procurement systems and reduce administrative pressure on business.

“Currently, 25,000 organizations carry out public procurement. This complicates the anticorruption control. In this regard, it is necessary to centralize public procurement and release heads of budgetary agencies from the social sphere. It is related to public procurement, to colleges and school principals. I instruct the central government bodies to develop mechanisms that do not interfere with public procurement. At the same time it is necessary to transfer state functions to a competitive environment. Although it is often mentioned, only 5 functions are assigned to the private sector. I instruct the First Deputy Prime Minister A.Smailov and Minister of National Economy to carry out relevant work. Let me summarize his results within 1 month, “the President of Kazakhstan said.

At the end of the meeting, the Head of State once again pointed out that the first leaders will be responsible for the criminal actions of the subordinate officers.

“If we make a commitment to eliminate corruption, then it seems to me that the heads of government agencies should resign. The President decides to accept or reject their resignation. However, writing a letter of dismissal should be a necessary measure, “said KassymZhomart Tokayev.

The Government and the Administration of the President were entrusted to work on the basis of the recommendations made to address the issues raised at that meeting.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050