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Saturday, August 24th, 2019

The presentation of methodological recommendations on explanation of the court decision was held in Pavlodar


The Pavlodar city court has developed methodological recommendations on clarification of the court decision with the help of the candidate of psychological sciences Tatyana Kravtsova.

The purpose of the recommendations is to establish competent communication between the judiciary and judicial process as a result of the increased transparency, publicity, access to justice and the overall conflict in society.

The methodology is intended for use in the work of judges considering civil cases.

The methodological material consists of two parts, which provide information on the peculiarities of the information received in the court proceedings and the procedure for the explanation of the reasons for and reasons for the rendering of a judicial act to the parties to the proceedings. Recommendations include speech formulas for use during speech.

“The court decision is an official document, which has the form and structure of the proceedings provided by law,” the methodology states. It discusses the normative decisions of the Supreme Court “On the Court’s Decision”, after which the judge explains the essence, arguments and legal consequences of the decision taken.

Source: Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan