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Saturday, August 13th, 2022

The pavilions of EXPO-2017 to be transferred to international participants on October 31

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by October 26, 2016 Legal

During the meeting, A. Yessimov informed the Brazilian side on the work underway to prepare the exhibition.

“We will start the transfer of the first international pavilions to participating countries at Expo, as well as apartments On Monday, Oct. 31,” A. Yessimov said.

Z. Chiapetti expressed gratitude for the opportunity to show their projects on renewable energy at EXPO-2017 in Astana.

“It is a very important event for us, because the share of renewable energy in Brazil is about 73.5%. This is an opportunity to show our future energy development. Hydropower, wind, solar and others are highly developed in the country. We will try to meet your expectations on this show,” the Commissioner Brazilian national section has said.

It should be reminded that 105 countries have officially confirmed their participation in the EXPO 2017, 101 countries appointed their commissioners. At the moment, the company began to receive expositions projects.

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