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The Pacific Alliance countries confirmed their participation in Expo 2017

by November 30, 2016 World Sports

According to representatives of new member states of the exhibition, its theme – “Energy of the Future” is highly relevant for the Pacific Alliance countries, since there are actively exploring the possibility of widespread use of renewable energy sources. For example, Chile is increasing the use of solar and wind energy in the mining industry.

In spite of the great potential of hydropower resources, Peru has significant reserves of natural gas, gas condensate, develops the scope of solar, wind and geothermal energy.

Colombia is the country that issued its own car on solar energy, and has a significant potential for the development of alternative energy.

Mexico, being one of the oil-producing countries, is actively searching for new forms of energy.

Costa Rica is the world leader in renewable energy production, which uses up to 90% of energy derived from alternative sources.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan