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JSC NC Kazakhstan temir zholy held a briefing on the issues of organization of passenger transportation in emergency situations in Arys.

Alibek Sultanov, Director of the Service and Customer Service Department of JSC Passenger Transportation, said that the headquarters had been set up in the central office and all the relevant services and ticket offices at Shymkent, Turkestan, Taraz had been moved to work in a robust mode.

Measures were taken to assist passengers in suspended trains. They are provided with water and food on the road and stopping stations. At the ShymkentArysTemir section, vehicles (buses, minivans) are being transported together with Akimats of Turkestan, Kyzylorda Oblast and Almaty for delivery of passengers to their final stations due to the stop of the movement of trains.

In addition, trains from Western Kazakhstan to Almaty will reach the Turkestan station and further train passengers will be transported to the Shymkent station.

In addition, about 13 trains are moving along the southern part of the country through the section ZhezkazganZharyk.

From the moment of the movement closing of the Arys station with the help of above mentioned actions, more than 11 thousand passengers were transported, of which more than 2 thousand were delivered by automobiles.

To date, 10 passenger trains will be directed through the ZhezkazganSaksaulskaya section before the opening of the ShymkentArysTurkestan section. These trains will not reach Turkestan and Shymkent.

In case of refusal to travel, passengers are paid 100% of the travel documents (tickets).

The national carrier calls for understanding of the situation and requests to update the train schedule data by means of the Unified Reference Service telephone number 105.

Source: Kazakhstan Temir Zholy