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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs discussed human rights issues

by February 19, 2019 Market

ASTANA, The first meeting of the Consultative and Consultative Body of the “Human Dimension Dialogue Platform” was held under the chairmanship of Minister Beibut Atamkulov in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In his speech, the Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized the uniqueness of KCO as a dialogue platform for discussing important social and political processes in Kazakhstan. KCO is a manifestation of the openness of public policy and commitment to dialogue with civil society.

Since the formation of the SCC, the content and relevance of the debate has never diminished, but the dependence on the moving themes has grown in a constructive direction.

“Today, the Republic of Kazakhstan is a participant of all major international instruments in the field of promoting and protecting human rights. This will undoubtedly reflect the position of the state on the values and principles of protection of human rights as well as the consistent improvement of the national human rights protection system, “the Minister emphasized.

Kazakh human rights activists, in their turn, fully supported KCO’s work and thanked Kazakhstani authorities for their constructive work. Participants in the Kazakhstan NGO noted in their speech the importance of KCO’s role and the practical implementation of human rights aspects discussed in the framework of the CPC.

In accordance with the agenda of the event, the Work Plan of the KCF for 2019 was adopted. State bodies and non-governmental organizations have made specific proposals for the joint work this year.

During the meeting, the participants summed up the results of the KCO’s work in 2018 and discussed the implementation of the recommendations in the field of human dimension within the Universal Periodic Review.

Deputies of Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as representatives of government agencies took part in the meeting. Traditionally, the civil sector is also widely used.

The observers were representatives of the UN and OSCE organizations.