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The Ministry of Agriculture plans to triple Combine Park of the country

by November 28, 2016 Market

A.Myrzakhmetov noted that it is cheaper and are not inferior to foreign analogs in their characteristics, and this will allow to triple Combine Park of the country.

“3.6 billion tenge was spent on the purchase of harvesters in 2015. 40% in quantitative terms – is far abroad, 60% – CIS. At the same time, 70% of the money was spent on foreign technology. Currently, we thought that if we change the proportions, buy mainly machinery, produced in the CIS countries: Russia, Belarus, with their technical characteristics,which did not lose foreign counterparts, as a result of such measures Combine Park of the country can be almost tripled for the same money, ” A.Myrzakhmetov said.

Secondly, he said, the money spent for the purchase of agricultural machinery through “KazAgroFinance” for the leasing program, should be tied to the creation of just the domestic plant for the production or harvesting of agricultural machinery.

“It’s no secret that a lot of them, but they are mainly engaged in production of screwdriver, the localization level is 20-25%. Now, in the framework of increasing the localization for each year, and we are ready to support the domestic agricultural machinery,”A.Myrzakhmetov concluded.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan