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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

The Mayor’s Office of Astana Has Provided Clarification on the Road Marking Applied Twice in Some Places


The city authorities have answered the question of why same streets have road marking applied twice within the summer period. This is done for security reasons, as it was informed to the correspondent of the media center of the Mayor’s Office of the capital to the city’s Office for Roads.

Some streets require medium maintenance; therefore, temporary road marking is applied on them preliminary. Only after maintenance is finished, workers cover the streets with three-component road plastic.

“Its preservation is longer and amounts, according to the standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, up to 6 months. Temporary road markings are applied in the beginning of spring, when climatic conditions allow to do this. This is, first of all, done to exclude emergency situations,” the Acting Deputy Head of Astana Office for Roads Askar Issakov explained.

As of today, almost one hundred streets of the city have about 113 thousand square meters of road marking.

The quality of the lines applied is monitored by a special commission. Thus, the contractor has already rectified about 4 thousand square meters of road marking under defects liability obligations.

Source: Akimat of Astana