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The main healthcare indicators in Kazakhstan have positive dynamics

by March 14, 2017 Market

According to Y. Birtanov the main healthcare indicators in Kazakhstan have a positive dynamics. Thus, life expectancy has increased to 72 years in the last ten years, maternal mortality has decreased by 3.5 times in 10 years, morbidity and mortality from malignant neoplasms has also decreased compared to 2015. Mortality from injuries and poisoning has halved in ten years, but it is still higher than in OECD countries.

The implementation of “Densaulyk” State Healthcare Development Program for 2016 – 2019 began in Kazakhstan in order to meet OECD standards in healthcare in 2016.

In general, the preliminary results of the implementation of the State Program in 2016 show a positive dynamics of the main medical and demographic indicators such as life expectancy, the health index of the population and the level of people’s satisfaction with the quality of medical care, said Y. Birtanov.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan