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The issue of taxation of agricultural producers is under special control – Aituganov

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by February 4, 2017 Key Issues

According to the vice-minister there isd no double taxation. On the contrary, new benefits were introduced for the cooperatives in the countryside.

“In accordance with the current legislation special tax regime is apllied on agricultural cooperatives; the interest rebate applies on payment of taxes, except land tax and the use of earth resources. At the same time, the availability of land requirements for agricultural cooperatives does not apply,” K. Aituganov said.

However, entities that are part of the newly formed agricultural cooperatives, are deprived of the special tax regime.

“Yes, it is so. But it should be recalled that the cooperatives could use generally established regime for agricultural producers since 2015, which also operate since 2015. Many do not know it,” Deputy Minister said.

This mode allows you to enjoy 70 per cent discount at the payment of VAT, the right to a double payment by the Fund of remuneration.

According to K. Aituganov, Ministry of Agriculture and National of Economy established a working group, which is currently considering the issue of taxation for agricultural producers. There is some agreement that, the farmers and the Chamber of entrepreneurs will carefully study this tax.

The Vice-Minister also commented on the establishment of a new veterinary laboratory. 114 new laboratories were commissioned for today. They are subject to the Republican veterinary laboratories. 89 old objects are evaluated. Some have already transferred to the competitive environment, the decision on the five exceptions from the register. The issue on 12 veterinary laboratories for their further use is under consideration .




Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan


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