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The incidence of measles in Astana decreased by 2 times and today is 500 cases

by January 29, 2019 General

According to the chairman of the Public Health Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the country, Gendarbek Bekshin, today the statistics of measles cases in Astana alone has decreased by 2 times.

The incidence of measles in Astana has halved by a factor of 2 and today stands at 500 cases. Over the past week there has been a tendency to reduce incidence. Over the past week, if taking from January 21 in Almaty, the incidence has decreased to sporadic cases, that is, a single one. For 9 -11 regions of the daily incidence was absent. In the city of Astana, the incidence during this period decreased with peak regimes of daily incidence by 2 times. These are very good indicators, said Gendarbek Bekshin during a briefing in the CCS.

Concerning the causes of morbidity, he linked them to the fact that we live in an open space and that we are affected by an external factor. The situation of 2017�2018, which was mentioned earlier, continues in the European Region. According to Gendarbek Benkshin, today only there are more than 70 cases registered there according to official data. In such countries as: Serbia – more than 5 thousand cases, Ukraine – more than 40 thousand cases, Germany, Italy – more than 3 thousand cases.

In the UK, England, about 1000 cases were registered. Today, in 37 cases in the European region, a high incidence is recorded. The author: Gulmira Sarbasova

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan