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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

The Head of State congratulated all women of Kazakhstan on International Women’s Day


Nursultan Nazarbayev, noting the special role of women in the life of our country, drew attention to the need to preserve moral values among the younger generation of Kazakhstan.

“In the conditions of globalization, we must preserve the noble virtues inherent in our girls. In the Internet age, it is impossible to limit the flow of information from outside. Each girl should have an internal filter to distinguish between good and bad,” said the President of Kazakhstan.

The Head of State stressed that the Five Social Initiatives adopted, first of all, are addressed to the female half of the Kazakh society.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that Kazakh women, personifying an inexhaustible source of energy of kindness and creativity, contribute to the strengthening of peace and unity in our country.

“Today, the whole system of upbringing and education of the younger generation is on your fragile shoulders. It is you who take upon yourself the basic care for our children, form their worldview and carefully cultivate in them self-confidence and self-belief. With your faith, hope and love, you lay a solid foundation for the successful future of our country,” said the President of Kazakhstan.

The Head of State noted that today in Kazakhstan there are about a quarter of a million honorable Altyn Alka and Kumis Alka winners, and also stressed the significant contribution of our fellow countrywomen to the progressive development of the state.

“The birth of new citizens and the multiplication of the nation is the main strategic goal of our state. There is no such sphere where women could not achieve success. You are subjected to professional and sports peaks, as well as scientific and political Olympics. Today, out of almost three thousand doctoral students, 60% are women. Almost a third of the deputies of the Majilis are women. In general, the share of women in the civil service exceeds half. I consider this to be the correct approach that contributes to increasing the effectiveness of public administration,” said the President of Kazakhstan.

At the end of the speech, the President of Kazakhstan presented the Altyn Alka award to A. Tuzelbayeva, a mother of a large family from the South Kazakhstan region, and the Kumis Alka to R. Ayaganova from Astana.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan