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Saturday, August 13th, 2022

The Head of State addresses to workers of the country’s agricultural sector over successful harvest

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by October 12, 2016 Study

Harvesting campaign is nearing completion in Kazakhstan; the event is important for rural men, agro-industrial complex and the entire country, determining its level of food security.
The output of the present campaign can rightly be called a precious gift for the 25th anniversary of Independence, because the harvest is one of the highest for the entire period.
Total yield exceeds 23 million tons; it is almost one and a half times more than the previous year. Grain growers of Akmola, North Kazakhstan and Kostanay regions get more than 5 million tons. Karaganda region harvested a record breaking harvest; it is more than one million tons.
The harvesting campaign in other crops brings impressive results. In Kyzylorda region the rice yield has reached a record level. Ingathering of vegetables and melons has significantly increased in Almaty, Zhambyl and South Kazakhstan regions. The harvest of oil-bearing crops is expected to grow by 1.2 times at the highest yield during the previous five years.
All that provides strong evidence of the ongoing development of crop sector; it is one of the most labor-intensive, which requires tireless care, huge commitment, knowledge and experience. I would like to congratulate all the people involved in this sector, and thank them for their hard work on ground that does not bear fruit immediately.
We are already beginning to see how agriculture has transformed during the last quarter of a century, and Kazakhstan has not only strengthened its position as the agrarian empire, but also has gained new positions in the food market.
Over these years the government has found the possibility of systemic support for the agro-industrial sector, which is for this stage being considered as a strategic priority.
Through joint efforts we are upgrading agriculture so as to our land reach its potential, ensuring the people’s prosperity.
Nowadays a powerful technology intensive agro-industry is the criterion of socio-economic growth of the country.
We are doing everything necessary in Kazakhstan for the noble work of a farmer to become more and more popular, and for agriculture to be a more challenging field to attract investments, projects and youthful zest.

Source: President of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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