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The governor of Almaty met with the mothers of many children

by February 19, 2019 Sports

The governor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek met with the mothers of many children by listening to all the questions and suggestions. He also told about the social assistance measures developed in the city to support low-income families of the city.

Before it, such kind of meetings were held in all district’s executive committee. All received suggestions were collected and analyzed. Among them were the issues of increasing the size of social benefits, improving living conditions, employment and providing children with places in kindergardens, etc.

On the instructions of the Head of State, the governmental working group is working and all the proposals sounded at our meetings will also be analyzed and taken into account. Besides it, at the city level, we have developed specific mechanisms for supporting mothers with many children. Some of them have already been told at an extraordinary conference of the Nur Otan party. For example, the possibility for needy large families with four or more minor children to subsidize the down payment for the purchase of housing will be scrutinized, said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

Among the measures announced for the comprehensive support of low-income large families, it is also possible to note the planned increase in targeted social assistance for reimbursement of expenses for home-schooled children with disabilities and one-time social assistance in the event of a difficult life situation.

In addition, Bauyrzhan Baybek had previously instructed to work out the issue of compensating the costs of a kindergarten for large families of poor families, starting from the second child. The volumes and the list of targeted compensation payments to large families for utilities are being revised, including the costs of installing individual metering devices for hot and cold water supply.

Taking into account the fact that large families often need legal and psychological counseling and rehabilitation assistance, the city project Bakytty Otbasy will be started soon with the creation of the center of mothers of the same name with the same name. It will be a service center on the principle of a single window, where mothers with many children themselves can be employed.

Almaty’s executive committee is also considering the possibility of increasing social jobs for low-income families and organizing free short-term courses with scholarship payments.

It should be mentioned that earlier Bauyrzhan Baybek offered to refuse a number of non-priority expenses in Almaty. According to the head of the city, in order to make decisions of a social nature, Almaty’s executive committee together with members of the Nur Otan party faction conducts an audit of budget expenditures on an ongoing basis, optimization is being carried out. At the same time, the saved funds, as before, will be distributed according to social priorities determined on the basis of citizens’ appeals. This, as a rule, is the creation of new jobs, the expansion of the range of support for socially vulnerable groups of the population, first of all, mothers of many children, the solution of other social problems.

Source: Official Internet Resource of Almaty City