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Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

The government predicts growth of industry at 3% in 2017

by February 13, 2017 Key Issues

According to him, the forecast is refined based on preliminary accounting data for GDP growth and the development of economic sectors for 2016, the estimated change in the US dollar exchange rate from 360 to 330 tenge, as well as current trends in world commodity markets.

Thus, the nominal GDP is projected at 49 740.6 billion enge in 2017, GDP per capita will increase to 8 391,5 thousand dollars.

Industrial growth revised upward to 3% due to the expected higher growth in the manufacturing sector at 2.6%.

Forecast of oil production increased to 81 million tons mainly due to increased production at Kashagan field. The average annual increase in the volume of gross agricultural output will be 2.5%, inflation corridor is stored on the previously approved level of 6-8%.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan