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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

The Government identified priority areas of cooperation between the state and NGOs

by January 24, 2017 Market

The Minister reported that the state authorities continue to build engagement with NGOs, but requires an active partnership and attract business. In this connection, it is necessary to build an effective system of tripartite partnership.

There is a new platform for such cooperation – a Center for Support of Civil Initiatives. As part of the business activities, the Centre could provide a variety of grants to NGOs, in this regard, it is important to organize local business participation in the monitoring system of social partnership with NGOs.

In general, a series of systematic measures were proposed to implement in order to further improve the level of interaction between the states and the NGO.

For example, it is necessary to work on improving the quality of state social services, to increase the efficiency of joint projects with central and local state bodies, to involve NGOs in the process of forming the subject of projects, as well as to expand the sectoral focus of social projects.

The Ministry audits the current regulatory framework for civil society. In view of the identified gaps, it is planned to develop a clear legal mechanisms for the formation, monitoring and evaluation of the results of state social standardization of NGO services.

Also, amendments to the Rules of grants in cooperation with NGOs are under preparation. It is proposed to involve the formation of the central state bodies and subjects in funding and local executive bodies empowered to grant funding for regional NGOs.

The Minister noted that the NGO sustainability in small towns and rural areas can be achieved through the organization of activities of information and resource centers. According to NGO experts, there is a need to establish regional centers, cities of Astana, Almaty, consulting centers, providing a wide range of services to NGOs and initiative of citizens. It is proposed to investigate the possibility of mayor’s office vacancy to open civil centers on the principle of “one window”. Coordination of activities will be available from the Center for Support of Civil Initiatives.

In addition, a wide business community involvement in social partnership is proposed to establish a trilateral platform of government, business and NGOs – “ASAR”. To do the Format of the Forum on an annual basis across the country. One of the priorities of this area will be the development of social entrepreneurship.

Source: The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan