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The Government develops a national plan to implement the Presidential Address

by February 7, 2017 Fun

The Government was presented a national plan for the implementation of tasks given by President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his Address Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competiveness.

The Minister of National Economy Timur Suleimenov reported that 19 activities are provided within the framework of the first priority � Accelerated Technological Modernization – aimed at developing digital industry, technological modernization of basic sectors of the economy including the elements of the fourth industrial revolution, attracting investments, developing transport infrastructure and scientific potential.

The project covers the development of new policy documents, such as the Digital Kazakhstan State program, Export and Investment Strategy, adoption of the AIC State program, as well as changes in the Nurly Zhol State program and the development of productive employment and mass business.

18 activities are provided within the framework of the second priority � Major Expansion and Improvement of the Business Environment – aimed at creating the best business environment and reducing government involvement in the economy. Several measures on development of mass entrepreneurship and reduction of all types of costs for business will be implemented at the regional level. Cities and regions will be ranked on the ease of doing business with specials awards introduced.

11 activities are provided within the framework of the third priority � Macroeconomic Stability – aimed at gradual reducing the inflation rate to 3-4%, banking sector recovery, domestic stock market revitalization, and simplification of budgetary procedures.

10 activities are provided within the framework of the forth priority � Human Capital Development. The field of education will see updates in the curricula, gradual transition to the trilingual education, updates for professional standards in accordance with the labor market requirements. The health sector will see work on digitalization of the mandatory social health insurance and raising awareness of the population.

Legislation in social security will be enacted in order to increase pensions and one-time childbirth allowances. Also, the structure of the minimum living wage would be revised.

9 activities are provided within the framework of the fifth priority � Institutional Reforms and the Fight against Corruption. All legislation will be audited on the subject of property rights protection; a road map for implementation of recommendations by the OECD will be developed.

In order to ensure national security, several State programs will be developed to counteract religious extremism and terrorism in 2017-2020, along with the Cyber Security Concept.

In addition, in order to improve public procurement legislation, a bill will be drafted providing the introduction of a unified system of public procurement on the basis of a centralized service.

In order to create new industries and a new growth model for the next decade, a unified Strategy for the country’s transition to a new technological order will be developed. For this purpose, the Kazakhstan 2025 � National Technological Initiative Strategic plan will be developed.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan