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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

The Government considers amendments to land legislation

by February 7, 2017 Health

The transfer of agricultural land for rent to the citizens of Kazakhstan will take place openly and under maximum control. This was announced during the Government meeting, which reviewed changes and amendments to the legislative acts on regulation of land relations.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Y. Nyssanbayev reminded that, in connection with public response to the adoption of norms of the Land Code in November, 2015, a Land Reform Commission was created. The Commission held a series of meetings in the regions. At the same time, in order to widely cover the population with explanations of land legislation norms and to collect feedback, 16 call centers and website were created; they received a total of 15,987 replies.

A Concept and draft law On amendments and additions to several legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on regulation of land relations was created based on proposals made by the Commission.

To ensure maximum transparency and wide discussion the Bill and its Concept were made available the web portal for public regulations, official website of the Ministry of Agriculture, and 12 media portals. In addition, discussions were held at the meetings of the Public Council under the Ministry, a public discussion was also held.

So, in keeping the institution of renting land to citizens of Kazakhstan, the bill provides the establishment of a separate order of providing agricultural land on a competition basis. According to this procedure, provision of land will be carried out according to the approved list of land put up of competition made by Akimats.

To ensure transparency of its conduct, the competition committee will include members of community councils and organizations.

In addition, in order to ensure transparency and equal access to the competition for all potential participants, the new procedure provides wide coverage of the competition by the media and official web recourses of the Akimat and the Ministry of Agriculture.

It should be noted that participation will require a tender offer, which includes a business-plan for agricultural production, the obligation of preparing and developing a farm land project, creating jobs for the local population, reaching performance indicators, etc.

These requirements are established for effective and efficient use of land provided.

In order to gain control over the rational use of agricultural land provided, the bill provides constant monitoring: first 5 years of the lease � annually, subsequently � every 3 years for irrigable land and every 5 years for rain-fed.

In order to avoid providing large areas of land in one hand, a maximum size for agricultural land that can be leased within administrative districts (cities) of each region will be established.

In addition, a ban for provision of land located in border areas, border zone, to foreigners and stateless persons etc. is enacted.

To solve the problems of lack of pasture land for private cattle grazing, regulations, required to meet the needs of the population to support their individual farms, are provided, according to which pasture areas will be provided around localities,.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan