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The first person in the world with the system of the auxiliary device of the left ventricle of the heart lives in Kazakhstan

by February 6, 2019 World Sports

Kazakhstani Ismail Tursunov with a new heart feels great, lives life to the fullest. He plays sports, makes big plans and looks to the future with hope.

The operation carried out in the NNCC JSC to the patient with a diagnosis of delamination cardiomyopathy became a breakthrough project in cardiac surgery. The system with an implantable left ventricular assistive device (FIVAD), the world’s first assistive device, allows patients to live freely without a direct connection to an external power source.

FIVAD has great promise in changing the paradigm and approaches in the treatment of end-stage heart failure. We are pleased to present this breakthrough technological achievement, which will allow patients to lead a full and high-quality life after surgical intervention, said Yuri Pya, Chairman of the Board of the NNSC JSC, at a press conference on the global release of the new insufficiency.

According to heart surgeon Yuri Py, the operated patient practically returned to a normal lifestyle, has the opportunity not only to do everyday activities, but even to swim, which was not possible using other models of similar devices.

The system of the auxiliary device of the left ventricle of the heart is the safest for patients, allowing them to move freely, not burdened by external equipment – cables, which significantly reduces a number of complications and significantly improves the quality of life. This case is the first in cardiac surgery practice and has become unique and unique in the world, the doctor emphasized.

Yuri Pya stressed that the Ismail operation was carried out with the use of a technological solution recently developed in Israel.

The uniqueness is that most components of the artificial ventricle are small in size and are located in the patient’s body. Outside, there are only a drive belt, a controller, a battery and a special watch that allows you to monitor the state of the heart. The device is continuously charged wirelessly, which completely eliminates the risk of infection. Ismail will not have to wear a heavy belt with equipment around the clock, as it was with people before, the new technology will allow him to stay without medical equipment for up to 8 hours, he said.

It should be noted that such operations on the new Israeli technology anywhere in the world have not yet been conducted. And about 150 patients a year need such an operation. According to Yuri P, after receiving a European certificate and conducting an experiment in Europe and America, Kazakhstanis will be able to operate in their home country for free with guaranteed free medical care.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan