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The first meeting of the commission on cultural and humanitarian cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia


On October 14, the first meeting of the Sub-Commission on Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation was held in Nur-Sultan

The Kazakhstan side of the sub-commission was headed by the Vice Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurkisa Daueshov, the Russian side was headed by Pavel Vladimirovich Stepanov, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The meeting was attended by Russian cultural figures: Valery Khlyzova, Deputy Head of the Department for Work with the CIS Countries of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, Andrei Malyshev, Director General of Rosconcert, Elena Bulukova, Director General of the Federal Center for Support of Touring Activities, Yuri Moskvin, Director General of the Visart Film Company, Director of the Film Studio Soyuzmultfilm Creative Production Association Boris Moshkovtsev, general producer of the Theater of Russia project, the Cultural June Foundation and Peace and Harmony “, a member of the Public Chamber of the CFAA Elmira Shcherbakova, Rector of St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture Alexander Turgay, Director for International Relations, Foreign Literature Library im.M. I. Rudomina Svetlana Gorokhova, Deputy Director of the Eastern Museum Tigran Mkrtychev, Head of the Center for Russian Science and Culture in Nur-Sultan Konstantin Vorobyov, Advisor to the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Kazakhstan Kirill Tillyabaev and others.

On the Kazakh side, at a meeting on cultural and humanitarian cooperation, there were President of the Kazakhfilm film studio named after Shaken Aimanov Arman Asenov, vice-rector of the Kazakh University of Arts Toyzhan Yegimbaev, and. about. Chairman of the National Center for the Support of National Cinema NAO; Gulnara Sarsenova, Deputy Director of the State Concert Organization Kazakhconcert Erlan Dakenov, Deputy Director of the State Opera and Ballet Theater Astana Opera Aizhan Kurmangalieva, Deputy Director of the Astana Ballet Theater Valery Kuzembaev, Director of the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan Umitkhan Munalbaeva; Director of the National Library of Almaty Bakytzhamal Ospanova, Deputy Director of the Library of the First President-Leader of the Nation Kulaysh Aktayev, Vice-Rector of the NAO of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography Zhanna Tolysbaeva, Deputy Director of the National Museum Almas Nuraskhan, Director of the Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Rauan Igenov.

During the negotiations, held in conditions of mutual understanding and friendship, the parties exchanged views on the state and prospects of cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation in the cultural and humanitarian sphere.

According to the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Pavel Stepanov, this is a historic moment in the development of the two countries.

– We are obliged to develop cooperation in all areas of the cultural sector. Therefore, we came to this important event with a broad work plan. It is clear that the solution of all issues is impossible immediately, but we hope for constructive cooperation, said Pavel Stepanov.

Cultural experts from the two countries are developing an action plan for 2020. The meeting discussed new cultural projects dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great Abay, the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

– In Russia and Kazakhstan, there are many connecting threads associated with our history. Our main goal is to show our historical sights in Russia and in Kazakhstan, not to forget about the development of the culture of a neighboring country, you can also familiarize European and world public with the country’s cultural masterpieces through a Russian audience, said Nurkisa Daueshov, Vice Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At a collegiate meeting, the exchange concerts of leading Kazakhstani and Russian creative groups in 2020-2021 were discussed; conducting in 2020 a tour of the exchange of Kazakh and Russian theaters on a parity basis; We also talked about cooperation in the field of cinematography (the creation of joint projects related to common historical events in the two countries), the exchange of experience; on cooperation in the field of education, including the possibility of organizing master classes); questions about joint work in the field of museum work, and possible partnership cultural and educational projects did not go unnoticed.

Source: Ministry of Culture and Sport Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan