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Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

The experience of the Japan International Cooperation Agency in the field of official development assistance was presented in Astana

by February 8, 2019 Market

ASTANA, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a seminar on public awareness on issues of official development assistance ( ODA ). The seminar was conducted by experts from Tokyo, Japan International Cooperation Agency ( JICA ). The seminar was attended by representatives of the Kazakhstan government agencies dealing with DRR issues.

The event was held within the framework of the joint pilot project “Assistance to Kazakhstan in cooperation with Afghanistan in the field of official assistance for development”. The agreement on its implementation was approved in the Joint Report of President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe in October 2015.

Olzhas Isabekov, Director of the Foreign Economic Policy Department of the Foreign Ministry, informed the seminar participants about the work being done on the formation of our DRC mechanism and noted the high level of interaction with Kazakhstan in the implementation of this pilot project. In particular, the project envisages increasing the capacity of Afghan specialists in public administration and healthcare, as well as developing the expert capacity of Kazakhstani government agencies in the field of ODA.

Within the framework of the seminar, JICA experts presented the Japan ODA system, introduced the history of the WRC system in Japan, the formation of policies, types and mechanisms of assistance, as well as the experience of JICA in raising public awareness about ODA.

JICA experts have detailed in detail the work of the country in the field of ODA to deepen the understanding of the community, in particular with the work of Japanese ministries and agencies, non-governmental organizations and mass media representatives. For example, Japanese secondary schoolsare also trained teachers in formal education for development purposes, included in the curriculum of the WRC. The JICA Parliamentary Group under the Parliament of Japan and the Special Commission on the issues of WRC are involved in the process of informational and explanatory work on development assistance.

At the end of the seminar there was an active discussion and exchange of opinions between the representatives of state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and JICA experts on the issues of international assistance for development. Specifically, measures aimed at raising public awareness of official development assistance were discussed.

Besides, JICA representatives met with the Vice-Rector for Strategic Development, Research and International Cooperation of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan Aigul Kosherbayeva and director of the Institute for Diplomacy under the Academy Marian Abisheva. The opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two departments were elaborated during the meeting. Taking into account the urgency of the theme of the ODA in the modern world, JICA experts presented a report on the history of the official system of assistance to Japan for the faculty and students of the Academy.

In general, the workshop will provide valuable skills in informational-explanatory work in the field of ODA, allowing to take into account the best practices in the future work on the formation of the Kazakhstani ODA system.