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Monday, November 30th, 2020

The East Kazakhstan regional court held an international conference titled “Mediation is a Necessary Need.”

by March 15, 2019 Fun

The international conference on “Mediation is a Necessity” was organized by the East Kazakhstan regional court, the East Kazakhstan regional branch of the Union of Judges and S.Amanzholov East Kazakhstan State University.

Judge of the Supreme Court Ulbosyn Suleimenova, Chairman of the Union of Judges Musabek Alimbekov, Chairman of the Regional Court Nurlan Kairbekov, Rector of the above mentioned university Mukhtar Tulegen, judges, mediators, prosecutors, justice and police, notary chamber, APK, law enforcement and advocacy board representatives took part in the meeting. Eugene Kurbatov, Deputy Head of the EEC Secretariat, Ms. Alesya Pukhova, Coach of the Center for Mediation and Negotiation, Samir Garayev, Head of the Ryazan Center for Mediation and Law, Editor of the Journal of Vestnik Media (Moscow), Svetlana Shurenkova, First Irkutsk Mediation Service Director Anastasia Archipkina, Executive Director of the Center for Mediation at the “Territory Negotiation” (Krasnoyarsk) Olga Dryannj,

More than a hundred mediators, scientists, teachers and judges participated in the event, discussing the opportunities and prospects of using mediation in civil, corporate, economic and economic disputes, and discussing the potential of mediation in the regulation of interethnic and inter-religious conflicts.

On behalf of the Chairman of the Supreme Court, Mr. Zhakip Assanov, U.Suleimenova noted that the potential for the application of mediation is high and refinement, a good manifestation of humanity and humanity. “Here it is necessary to balance the international experience of such countries as Great Britain, where the main part of disputes is solved through mediation,” Suleimenova said. The speaker noted that the Supreme Court has been working in this direction within the framework of the project “Reconciliation: before the court, in the court”, there are 25 extrajudicial centers in the republic, where mediators, psychologists, conflict experts, lawyers and notaries are working. . About 80 judges – the effectiveness of their work in courts.

Speaking at the forum, N. Kairbekov informed the guests about the work being done by the courts of the region in promoting the mediatory procedures. “More than 80 mediation rooms have been opened and operate in 5 reconciliation centers, courts, akimats and trade-union organizations in the region. All of them are aimed at resolving disputes and conflicts arising out of peace, and reducing conflicts in society, “he said.

M. Alimbekov noted the need for the development of the council of judges and said that the experience, authority and knowledge of the elders should be used to bring the conflicting parties to conciliation.

Participants of the conference discussed the issues of school mediation development, role of trade unions in labor dispute settlement and international practice of family courts work during the first session. The second session discussed the possibilities and perspectives of applying mediation procedures on civil, corporate, economic and economic disputes, rehabilitation mediation in criminal cases. The issue of increasing the socio-cultural potential of mediation in regulation of inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts has become a form of debate.

Anastasia Archipkina, Gulsina Kozhayarova and Svetlana Shurenkova, the mediator and mediator, mediator Alesya Pukhova, shared their thoughts on the experience of mediation in Belarus, as discussed by the representatives of the judiciary community in Kyrgyzstan and Russia .

The speech of Eldos Zhumaksanov, a judge of the regional court, chairman of the Union of Judges, has raised the interest of the forum participants. He spoke about the stages of mediation in the republic and pilot projects on reconciliation.

Zhandilda Zhakypov, the representative of the International Human Rights Center and the Kazakhstan Association of Mediators, has put forward proposals for making amendments and additions to the legislation on mediation.

By the end of the conference, a collection of articles and articles of participants will be published.

Source: Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan