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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

The Capital’s School Students Have Shown Excellent Results at International Subject-Based Olympiads


During the period from July 15 to July 23, the Small Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is holding “Tuymaada-2017” XXIV International Olympiad of School Students in mathematics, physics, chemistry and informatics.

Astana team was represented by 5 students of the city’s best lyceums. The capital’s school students have shown excellent results again at international subject-based Olympiads. The gold medal in the senior league was won by the student of the 10th grade of “Zerde” School No. 9 for Gifted Children Meyram Serikbolsyn, and the student of the 9th grade of “Bilim-Innovation” Lyceum Duysembekov Danat won the silver medal of the Olympiad. The students of the 10th grade of “Bilim-Innovation” Lyceum Tazhibekov Torekhan received an honorary diploma in mathematics.

Olympiads are held for two age groups of students: junior league – 9th grades, senior league – 10-12th grades. The main goals and objectives of the Olympiad are to stimulate the development of the intellectual potential of school students and young people, to engage in fundamental sciences, to expand the forms of international cooperation and communication.

The Olympiad involved participation of representatives from Indonesia, Mongolia, Russia, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, as well as from several regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All the days spent at the Olympiad will be remembered for a long time by all the participants! There were visits to the zoo of “Orto Doidu”, the Museum of Khomus, the Museum of the Mammoth and the Center of “The Kingdom of Permafrost”, excursions to the sights of the city and the beautiful Lena Pillars, as noted by the organizers of the event.

Source: Akimat of Astana