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Saturday, August 13th, 2022

The Capital’s Police Officers Are Helping Homeless Citizens

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by November 22, 2016 Key Issues

Employees of the Local Police Service of Astana DIA are establishing family ties of persons with no fixed abode. Due to the severe frosts, precinct inspectors of the road patrol police regiment are checking places of possible location of homeless who find themselves in difficult situations: the heating ducts, basements, abandoned country houses and so on.

In general, during the “Rogue” preventive operations held from November 18 to November 19, the Local Police Service of Astana DIA has delivered more than 50 homeless people to the police stations. After the identification of persons and their involvement in the offenses and crimes, conversations on prevention of offenses have been carried out with each of them. Some people were taken to the Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation, and the rest to the Center for Social Adaptation to provide social, medical and legal assistance, as well as employment. The two men, who had arrived from Temirtau and Kostanai Region for work, were assisted in returning back home.

Source: Akimat of Astana


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