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The Association of Higher Educational Institutions summed up the results of the Republican Contest of Scientific Publications

by March 6, 2017 Legal

The Association of Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which unites 77 universities, where study more than 86% of all students of the republic, summed up the results of the Republican contest of scientific publications, monographs and books dedicated to the formation and development of Independent Kazakhstan.

The contest was held in three nominations: “Best Book”, “Best Publication” and “The Best Monograph for 25 Years of Independence of Kazakhstan”, dedicated to the problems of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“The best monograph for 25 years of Independence of Kazakhstan” is the book by Academician Bakytzhan Zhumagulov “Human factor. Chronicles of the Minister “, published by “Atamura” publishing house in 2015. It can be safely attributed to the words of the famous French writer Marcel Proust: “The true discoveries are not to find new lands, but to find a new vision.”

This fundamental scientific and analytical work of a prominent Kazakh scientist and mathematician and statesman who worked as Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2010-2013 represents a unique in our history large-scale and systematic description of the country’s scientific and educational sphere, key areas, successes and problems Its development and modernization.

The book analyzes the way of the scientific and educational system of sovereign Kazakhstan, the key role in its transformation of the basic provisions of the strategic course of the President of the country NA. Nazarbayev and his personal attention to this important for the state sphere.

The main directions of modernization described hereafter, from all levels of education, from pre-school education to higher and postgraduate education and the research sector, as well as system-wide issues of teacher status, the quality control vertical, and so on are of particular interest.

The main quality of the author’s approach is not only deep understanding of each problem and knowledge of ways to solve it, but also a clear vision of the whole set of issues of the scientific and educational sphere in their close, and sometimes unexpected interaction with each other, as well as with its external environment – the economy And society. Since the publication of the book, the book has received a lot of extremely positive feedback, confirmed its usefulness to educators, the management of educational and scientific organizations, public administration employees and great interest from a wide range of readers.

The best book is “100 years of the Makat deposit. Origin and formation “of the authors of Taskinbayev Kosan Mynbayevich and Taumanova Gulnara Yerguzhiyevna, and the best publication was the article of Matyuk Dmitry Anatolyevich.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan