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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

The Apartment of the Capital’s Pensioner Has Been Overhauled

by November 29, 2016 General

The resident of the capital Kulyan Gazizova has seen today her apartment after an overhaul for the first time. The pensioner has repeatedly appealed to the representatives of the city authorities with a request to provide financial assistance for the repair, where there were deficiencies on the part of the developer. And in the framework of “25 Good Deeds” campaign, a deputy of the city Maslikhat Ilya Meshcheryakov made a gift for the resident: he has created warmth and comfort in her apartment.

Kulyan Gazizova will celebrate soon her 70th birthday; she lives with her daughter, who is a student. The apartment located at 70 Kenessary Str. is a rental housing, which was provided to her under the social program. Prior to the overhaul the flat was in a bad condition, and now it is light, and most importantly � it is warm there.

“I am a deputy in this district, I remember an old lady coming up to me during a meeting with voters and telling me about the problem. Since February, in fact, her problem has become mine. After the election, when I got the authorities, on the second day we came together with the commission, inspected it and decided to find other sponsors, to make her apartment cozy and exceed her expectations. In October, we moved her to another apartment, which was close to the college, where her daughter studies, and we’ve carried out overhaul within a month”, – said Ilya Meshcheryakov.

He added that in order to create a cozy atmosphere, designers were invited, who agreed to help on a voluntary basis. Now there are couple of things left: they need to bring a table, a wardrobe and some household appliances.

“We decided to make a maximum comfort for minimum budget. For me, this is the first case, we have 8 similar problem apartments in the district, I believe that we can continue helping those who are really in need of this”, – said the deputy.

Astana resident had no bounds of joy when she saw her renewed apartment. The pensioner told about the conditions under which she had to live with his daughter, and is happy that they will finally live comfortably.

“Before that, we lived in a communal facility, and it happened so that all of our belongings were left there; we brought wood boards and slept as we could. I do not want to think about it. I will celebrate my 70th birthday soon and I am happy that they helped me, heard me. It turned out that there are still good people around”, – said Kulyan Gazizova.

Source: Akimat of Astana