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Talgat Kaliev: “Young people have traditional family, health, and good work.”

by February 21, 2019 Fun

More than 70% of young Kazakhstanis surveyed as part of the preparation of the National Report “Youth of Kazakhstan – 2018” put family at the top of all values.

In the first place – the traditional family, health, good work. It is necessary to pay attention to solving the housing problems of young people, to the level of suicides, crimes committed by young citizens of the country and against young citizens of the country, said Talgat Kaliev, Director of the Youth Research Center LLP

He noted that over the past years a decrease in the number of young people has been recorded.

We are seeing a decline in fertility among young people, since the reproductive age of young people born in the early nineties, when there was a sharp decline in fertility, came. Thus, we are seeing a decline in fertility among young people at the present time. This is a kind of demographic echo of the decline in the birth rate of the early nineties. And also – the result of changes in the marriage behavior of young people, raising the average age of marriage, postponing marriage for a later period, added Talgat Kaliev.

According to him, the peculiarity of youth as a social group is the transitivity of the situation, the high level of social mobility, the constant development of new social roles associated with changing status and actively searching for their place in life, as well as in shaping the system of norms and values .

According to Talgat Kaliyev, today all over the world, national states are interested in offering the younger generation a convincing value system that allows them to maintain continuity in the development of society in an open world. Under these conditions, the youth of Kazakhstan, nevertheless, has a distinctive feature, which is expressed in the fact that, for her, family happiness is the most important life value.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan