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T. Suleimenov: A “PPP platform” to be created in 2017

by February 4, 2017 General

The Ministry of National Economy encourages local executive authorities not to rely on the state budget, but to implement alternatives by means of PPP. Timur Suleimenov reported this during a press conference after the Government meeting.

Recall, recently President Nursultan Nazarbayev chaired an extended Government meeting, where he gave specific instructions on PPP development.

T. Suleimenov confirmed that PPP projects are not developed equally in all regions. In his opinion, local executive authorities must do more work on advertising. All conditions for PPP development are created.

2016 saw the elimination of centralization, where decisions on PPP had to be made at the central level. Now projects costing up to 9 billion tenge are implemented at the local level without coordination.

In addition, standard documents were developed for key objects of PPP, which are interesting both to the investors and to local executive authorities. These standard documents allow preliminary awareness in all nuances of the upcoming partnership.

Both the local executive authorities and the investor will clearly know what they are signing under. Accordingly, the long process of coordination of specifications, technological and other schemes, and contractual obligations simply goes away. This will allow to significantly save time, � T. Suleimenov said.

During the first quarter, it is planned to adopt standard documents for all sectors that use PPP.

The ministry proposes the introduction of the PPP platform concept. According to the Minister, such projects must be standardized even more.

For example, we have the Balapan program, where small kindergartens are equally standardized. Why not use that example to make standard conditions for financing, and the participation of investors and government. We can standardize to a point of it becoming a whole program. Also only once approved. In this case, both the local executive authorities and the investor do even have to enter into negotiations: simply enter a contract, put a signature under the document, and proceed to implementation. This is one of the ideas we want to secure this year, � T. Suleimenov said.

The Ministry of National Economy shall provide all assistance and accompanying explanations.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan