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Suzak region of Kyrgyzstan exports canned food, juices and preserves


In Suzak region of JalalAbad Oblast, a local entrepreneur Abdykapar Kaipov and his partners opened a processing enterprise for agricultural products.

The entrepreneur said that the plant is designed to process 300 tons of agricultural products per day. But the enterprise cannot work in full capacity, because there is a difficulty with raw materials.

Our company has great potential in the processing industry. The main products are juices, nectars, condiments, jams, and tomato juice. We process vegetables, fruits and walnuts for jam. In general, the products are exportoriented, we sell 70 percent to foreign markets. The main consumer countries are Russia, Germany, Holland and neighboring countries. When exporting to Europe, we use the preference of GSP + status, he said.

The company provides about 50 people with stable work.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency