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Successful modernization of country requires broad public support – Yershov

by February 2, 2017 Key Issues

During the event the forthcoming reforms on the redistribution of the powers between the branches of the government, as well as key priorities of President’s Address to the Nation “The Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness”were discussed. S.Yershov talked about strengthening of the role of the Parliament in the formation of the government and control over its operations, which president’s powers will be redistributed between the Government and the Parliament. The questions on further improvement of the legal framework for the activities of bodies of local state administration and self-government were raised. In addition, five main priorities and a series of complex tasks of the annual Address of the President were discussed.

“For the successful modernization of the country and its further democratization in the first place it’s necessary to provide the broad public support for these processes, as well as the unification of efforts of the state and society”, the senator said.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050