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Saturday, October 24th, 2020

Storm warnings announced for 9 rgns of Kazakhstan

by September 19, 2020 General

Weather warnings have been issued for 9 regions of Kazakhstan, Kazinform cites the Emergency Situation of Kazakhstan.

On September 19, strong wind at 15-20 mps is predicted for Aktobe region.

On September 19-20, ground frosts temperature fall to 1-3 degrees Celsius are to hit Almaty region at night.

Atyrau region is to see wind blow 15-20 mps. Heavy rains and thunderstorm are to hit the region locally.

Occasional thunderstorm, fog and strong wind at 15-20 mps are in store for Zhambyl region. The mercury is expected to fall to 1-3 degrees Celsius resulting in ground frosts.

West Kazakhstan region is to brace for strong wind at 15-20 mps, occasional thunderstorm, squall, hail as well as heavy rains at daytime.

On September 19, wind is to blow at 15-20 mps in Kyzylorda region. High fire hazard is to persist throughout the region at daytime.

Occasional thunderstorm, strong wind at 15-20 mps accompanied with dust storm, gusting up to 23 mps at daytime are predicted for Mangistau region.

Fog is to coat North Kazakhstan region. Wind at 15-20 mps is also forecast for North Kazakhstan region on September 19.

Turkestan region is to see wind blow 15-20 mps.


Source: Kazakhstan 2050