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Step by Step

by December 7, 2016 Legal

One, two, three… two-year-old Kuanish makes his first independent steps in life. But a few months ago, the boy could not even stand on his feet. They call a miracle those things that the experts from the Social Service Center of Astana, parents of children with problems of movement apparatus are able to do…

The center was opened just eight months ago, and the results are already impressive: four children have learned to walk independently.

Little Veronika is also among them.

“Now we are attending the center for “sunny” kids. And there everyone are surprised with the fact that Veronika in her 2 years 9 months age can do so many things. We’ve learned how to walk thanks to the Social Service Center. We’ve got three physical therapy rehabilitation courses at once. We like it being here. There are a lot of services: the racetrack, a swimming pool, entertainments. We do not even have enough time to attend it”, – says the girl’s mother Yana Gruzdeva.

A whole team of professionals is working on the rehabilitation of one child, providing a comprehensive treatment. The center is visited by 320 children, and each requires an individual approach depending on the diagnosis, needs and opportunities.

The psychologist’s room, for example, has been equipped with light tables and strings. They contribute to the concentration of attention in children, having a relaxing effect.

“After work of the speech therapist children come to me irritated. Here they settle down, play and sing. Well, after that, they go to a massage therapist and physical therapy”, – says the psychologist Assel Smagulova.

In the physiotherapy room, kids get the basic skills for the first independent steps. Physical exercises are done with the most modern equipment – suspended gros structure, standing frame, “Atlant” costumes, the so-called motomeds � and allow adjusting the moves of children, strengthen the muscles of the musculoskeletal system

Source: Akimat of Astana