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State program for AIC development to review the livestock industry subsidizing

by December 2, 2016 Fun

Deputy Prime Minister � Minister of Agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov met today with agricultural producers of Almaty, South Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, and Zhambyl regions to discuss the draft state program for AIC development in 2017-2021.

There are 33 areas of livestock subsidies now, which received 69 billion tenge in 2015. The program will review 6 kinds of subsidies, Vice Prime Minister � Minister of Agriculture said.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the main beneficiaries of subsidies for the production of beef, milk, and mutton are large farms (60% of total amount). For example, the bulk of subsidies (60%) for beef are received by 19 feed yards (3,000 cattle stalls), a similar situation is for milk. In this connection, the criteria for such directions will be reduced (for beef: from 400 to 100 cattle stalls) and be given an opportunity to participate in agricultural cooperatives. The number of beneficiaries will thus increase by 2.5 times.

Also due to the sufficient amount of young breeder the subsidizing imports of breeding cattle will be eliminated, and the funds will be used to subsidize production.

Subsidizing coarse succulent fodder is planned to be redirected to subsidize animal feed, while subsidizing the selection and breeding of cattle will be redirected to the resulting offspring.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan