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Spring field works to be completed on time

by May 16, 2017 Market

There are no problems with the supply of preferential diesel fuel in the midst of the sowing campaign. Farmers are not hindered by unfavorable weather conditions, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Toleutai Rakhimbekov said at a press conference following the Government meeting.

This year it is planned to use almost 21 million hectares of planting acreage, of which about 15 million hectares will be sown with grain crops. Preference is traditionally given to wheat.

To date, of the 375 000 tonnes of diesel fuel, 350 thousand have already been paid for by the regions. About 270 thousand tonnes were shipped. Work on shipping and payment goes well. I am sure that spring field works will be completed in the established timeframe, � T. Rakhimbekov said.

Maize, rice, oilseeds, perennial grasses, potatoes, vegetables, melons, sugar beets, and cotton will be sown in Kazakhstan In addition to grain crops.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan