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Special taxation regime to be in force for self-employed Kazakhstanis – State Revenue Committee


According to Takiyev, at present the ministries of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, Finance, and Energy are preparing a large block of amendments to introduce a special tax regime for the self-employed.

“It is called a single aggregate payment. All those self-employed who are not in our field of vision will pay the aggregate payment. And why are they not in our field of vision? According to the Tax Code, all those who receive incomes less than 12 times the monthly wage may not be registered. Accordingly, the whole category is self-employed. For them, we are introducing a new simplified regime,” Takiyev said.

Deputy Chairman of the State Revenue Committee also noted that certain types of punishment are envisaged for those who will avoid the declaration.

“The first is a warning, the second is bringing to administrative responsibility. The penalty for civil servants is about 50 MCI,” he said.

At the same time, Takiyev assured that today all state employees provide a declaration on property. Upon admission, a large declaration is issued and every year another one. It is provided until March 31 this year. All declarations are subject to desk verification.

In addition, according to the speaker, the taxpayer must also provide data on cash.

“Show all your cash that you keep at home. If the amount exceeds 500 MCI, which is about 12 million tenge, then you need to keep this amount in the bank,” he said.

It should be noted that the purpose of introducing a universal declaration system is the creation of a system of effective control over the incomes and property of individuals to combat the shadow economy and corruption. The introduction of a universal declaration system will help make the maximum coverage in tax administration and ensure the full payment of taxes. The introduction of a universal declaration for all citizens of Kazakhstan is scheduled for January 1, 2020.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan