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Spanish ethnographic museum hosted official opening of Kazakh yurt

by April 18, 2017 World Sports

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, the traditional accommodation of nomads of Central Asia was presented as a gift by the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to promote the culture and image of the country beyond its borders. Representatives of the diaspora of the Central Asian countries in Spain, as well as local residents and guests from various regions of the country, came to see the eight-lined yurt with traditional handmade interior decorations.

According to director of the museum Carmen Arnau Muro, this exhibit is unique in Spain and will allow residents and tourists of Spain to get acquainted with the rich history and traditions of the Kazakh people.

Guests of the event were also able to get acquainted in detail with some traditions of the Kazakh people, taste the national dishes and enjoy a concert performed by the folklore ensemble that arrived from Kazakhstan.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050