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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Space Days are held in Astana

by November 21, 2016 General

This year, the main space forum of the country is devoted to practical experience and perspectives of modern space technologies on the example of remote sensing space system, and high-precision satellite navigation system of Kazakhstan.

Welcoming the participants, the minister of defense and space industry of Kazakhstan Beibut Atamkulov stressed the importance of the tasks set by the President of the country to create a space industry in Kazakhstan.

“As you know, new ministry of defense and aerospace industry was created by Presidential decree month ago. One of the main objectives is the development of space activities, which integrated in almost all spheres of human activity. This trend poses problems of the state – at the same time to develop a whole range of areas of space activities and a wide range of space-based services aimed at the end consumer. One of the most important areas of application of space technology in the world is the use of remote sensing (RS) in various sectors of the economy. At the same time, the public sector continues to be a major buyer of satellite images at all levels. Technology and its provision is developed,” Minister said.

B. Atamkulov also announced that the Ministry will work actively on the development of Kazakhstan as a reliable supplier of space products and services.

“Given the vast territory and resources of Kazakhstan, this segment is of strategic importance. The use of remote sensing data will allow a multiplier economic effect and efficiency in solving problems of social and economic development of Kazakhstan. Now, there is an intensive development of space activities in Asian countries. Our country is at the junction of the Eurasian continent – in the development of cooperation with the space agencies of these countries, we could become a communication platform for the joint activities. The Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry will make every effort to ensure that Kazakhstan has become one of the reliable suppliers of space products and services, “B. Atamkulov said.

It should be reminded that the international seminar ” Space Days in Kazakhstan” was attended by more than 400 people – users and manufacturers of products and services in the space industry, specialists from 50 foreign companies from 20 countries.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan