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Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Social aid paid to more than 160 thousand families in need or 860 thousand people – Berdibek Saparbayev on implementation of measures “Aleumett?k Qamqorlyq”


Government Working Group headed by Deputy Prime Minister Gulshara Abdykalikova has held 11 meetings over the past four months. To date, aids have been paid to more than 160 thousand families in need, or 860 thousand people.

Only for April and May 2019, 23 billion tenge were allocated. In general, 130 billion tenge was allocated for the payment of the targeted social assistance during the year. On average, social assistance will be provided to each family for 105 thousand tenge. This work will continue. Here it is worth noting one important thing � some people write in social networks that the assistance will be paid only for the first quarter of 2019, and then it will not be paid. I want to repeat again: the assistance will be paid all year round in accordance with the rules. Family income must be confirmed every quarter, said Saparbayev.

According to him, now, together with local executive bodies, work is underway to determine family income.

The main disagreement arose on the issue of calculating income: crops, livestock, furniture, although the furniture should not be taken into account. The presence of furniture should not be taken into account. No one should open the fridge. We were instructed not to go home because in all cities there is data about each family, income, expenses, etc. You only need to go when there are some questions. All this should be determined by local authorities. We must take income into account, said the minister.

In addition, at present, business structures, private individuals, provide substantial assistance to large and lowincome families in purchasing housing, financing a down payment, carrying out repairs to dilapidated housing, and building houses.

To date, due to them 287 large families have been provided with housing. Until the end of this year, another 530 families will be provided, in total, until 2021, 1,824 families. For this, in the regions corresponding memorandums with business structures are concluded.

Now we are negotiating with such leaders, especially in relation to the payment of the initial fee. Good support comes from local governments. Social support will be provided until the end of the year in the amount of 83 billion tenge, reaching at least 821 thousand Kazakhstanis, he said.

As Saparbayev noted, special attention is paid to developing a map for each family.

We need to know who we should help first. State assistance is and will be. But everything must comply with the law. Healthy people have to work, find ways to solve their problems. And the task of the authorities is to create conditions for them, he stressed.

Saparbayev also stressed that work is continuing with local authorities on the provision of free meals to schoolchildren, places in kindergarten, camp, clothes, textbooks, etc.

The ministry analyzes and monitors this issue every month. The important question here is that we need to distinguish between dependency and need. Therefore, we are now working with local authorities to develop a social map of each family. This map will be developed until July 1 and will be supported in accordance with it, said Saparbayev.

However, from June 1, 2019, the average salary will be increased from 15 to 30%. Funding secured by 100%. According to forecasts, the coverage will be approximately 1.1 million Kazakhstanis.

Also, Aleumettik Qamqorlyq measures are being taken to provide housing for large and lowincome families. Until 2025, 500 billion tenge will be allocated from the republican budget to provide 58,000 families with housing by providing rental housing and concessional loans to Housing Construction Savings Bank.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan