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by February 26, 2020 Health

Despite that the situation around the Covid 19 virus is levelling off in China, other states, such as South Korea, Iran are witnessing the increasing new cases of the virus, Zhandarbek Bekshin, Kazakh chief medical officer has said, correspondent reports.

There were made changes to recommendations in relation to the situation around Covid 19, in which such states as South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, and Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan are highly not advised for visit. Such a decision came due to the worsening situation in the countries.

Governor’s Offices, local executive bodies were given tasks regarding quarantining those arrived from China; those with respiratory disease are placed separately in stationary clinics. They also need to undergo medical checks once the quarantine period is over for over 10 days, the chief medical officer says.

He has also said that the situation around Covid 19 is being stabilized in China, while in that in South Korea and Iran is worsening. In Iran, 42 cases of the virus have been confirmed, and 12 infected died. Hong Kong has reported 2 cases.

Following my trip to the borders with China, the schemes on trips are due to be in place so as to minimize the risks of spreading of the virus, he says.

According to him, transport and goods do not affect the spreading of the virus. Meanwhile, car drivers crossing the border are under control.

He has said that the situation on the virus is monitored twice a day.

In order to avoid catching the virus check temperature, air rooms, mind personal hygiene. In cases of cold or respiratory diseases, go to hospital, reduce the use of public transport, intensify a disinfection regime, especially in supermarkets, he says.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050