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Singapore President Officiates Launch Of Eurasian Heritage Gallery

by September 22, 2019 Market

Singapore President, Halimah Yacob, on Saturday afternoon, officiated the launch of the new Eurasian Heritage Gallery (EHG), one of the highlights this year to mark the Eurasian Association’s centennial, in the city state.

The revamped gallery tells the Eurasian story with more photos and artefacts, contributed by the Eurasian community. It has also been enhanced with more multimedia features and interactive exhibits. More than 130 artefacts were contributed to the gallery with each one having a unique story behind it.

The Eurasian community is an integral part of Singapore’s social fabric and has played a significant role in our nation building efforts. Today, the Eurasian community truly embodies Singapore’s multi racial, multi religious and multicultural society, said Halimah Yacob at the event.

While Eurasians in Singapore enjoy a very mixed heritage with shared cultures from East and West, we are Singaporeans at our core, said Chairperson of the Heritage Committee in the Eurasian Association, Julia d’Silva. The team is very excited about the gallery launch, and we are grateful to all the contributors who have come forward with their photos and artefacts.

EHG has gained support from, among others, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, and the National Heritage Board.