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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

SIID: Implementation of 5 projects to create 125 jobs in Kentau

by January 15, 2017 Fun

In order to improve the socio-economic situation of Kentau, the national and regional budget allocated 9 billion tenge in 2017.

In addition, the industrial zone of Kentau launched 5 projects with a total value of 1,878,500,000 tenge. It is planned to create 125 new jobs.

400 million tenge of the funds will be spent for the construction of 2-5-storey buildings and 103 million tenge for education. 100 million tenge is allocated for the construction of dormitories for the Kentau college.

In addition, for the construction of 2 objects aimed at the reconstruction of worn drinking water systems 541 million tenge will be allocated. 400 million tenge will be allocated for the construction of water supply system in Karnak, 229 million tenge – for the completion of the engineering infrastructure of “Bolashak”, “Batys” and “Zhuldyz” neighborhoods.

Besides, 195 million tenge will be directed for the completion of construction of the automatic gas control station ?14 in order to supply natural gas from the pipeline Beineu-Bozay in Kentau.

At the same time, 103 million tenge is provided for the development of design estimates, in order to provide natural gas to 5 settlements. As a result, natural gas will be provided to 89 thousand people in 7 towns and Kentau.

Source: Kazkhstan 2050