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Significant economic growth recorded in EEU

by May 26, 2017 Key Issues

A volume of foreign trade of the states of the Union for January-March 2017 increased by 29.6% compared to the same period last year. The growth of mutual trade amounted to 31.1%.

“The number of companies with investments from partner countries in the EEU has been increasing. A real sector of the economy, the volume of freight and passenger turnover has been growing. The Commission’s forecast until 2019 is stable and favorable,” T. Sargsyan stressed.

Only in 2016-2017 the countries of the EEU agreed to eliminate 60 obstacles in the domestic market. Substantial agreements have been reached in the fields of electricity, oil, gas, and transport. Joint projects in the fields of space, machine-tool construction, agriculture, and new technologies generate.

At the same time, the general market for medicines and medical products has been launched. The customs legislation has been reformed, the project of traceability of goods is worked out, their marking is introduced. The international agenda is actively moving forward. At the control of vice-premiers is the digital agenda of the Union. All this positively affects the entrepreneurial climate.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050